Dancing Ink Calligraphy

About Rebecca

Hi!  I am a Boston-based artist and calligrapher, born in France, raised in Maine. Since I was young, I have used the creative process as an outlet. Making art has always been a safe space to express myself and explore feelings,  as well as an avenue by which to communicate with others.  I have now returned to school and am pursuing a masters in art therapy so that I can share the gift of the creative process with others as they navigate their own lives and healing.

I also love writing letters. Many of the important people in my life live in far off places and it brings me happiness to communicate with them through creativity and a handwritten note. I so enjoy walking up my street to place something in the mail box, imaging it traveling near or far, to someone I love.  It seems to me that the value of a relationship between two people can be shown by the simple exchange of something handmade. So too, it is a treat to create custom pieces for clients to offer their loved ones or for use during special life events such as a marriage or baby's birth.  My hope is to infuse beauty and authenticity, always. 

After a long day of work, unwinding in my studio makes me happy.  Also, nothing makes me happier than collaborating with others to allow a vision come alive.  I want to create something that you are excited to share and that I am proud of and that is one of a kind. I would so love to hear about the ideas you have. Write me at dancinginkcalligraphy@gmail.com so that we can connect! xx Rebecca


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